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Development of Start-up Mood

Korea Venture Start-up Festival

Supports prospective entrepreneurs and start-up companies in the early stage of development (less than 1 year) in the promising knowledge and service fields such as app, software, and contents with development training (80 hours or longer) and commercialization (supports maximum 50 million won)

Smart Venture Institute

“Start-up Festival” and “Venture Korea” are integrated from 2011 topromote qualitative evolution of venture and start-up ecosystem and maximize the revitalization and start-up mood of venture industry. ‘Korea Venture Start-up Festival’ integrates venture and start-up related events, and it gives prospective entrepreneurs such as young people and college students as well as CEOs of star venture companies a chance to get together in a place to exchange with each other and share information in order to enhance business and convergence.

A variety of exhibitions of start-up companies and venture companies manifesting brilliant ideas and technological strengths are held during the festival alongside various incidental events for participating companies and the audience; it is the largest start-up event and the exchange opportunity in Korea.

Korea Start-up League-Superstar V

Korea Start-up League is the typical start-up contest of Korea and is participated by the winners of start-up contests held by private institutions, colleges, public institutions, and local governments.
The items that passed the National Preliminaries → National Finals are demonstrated through the open audition at the year-end Superstar V (Best of Best) contest for participants to present their own startup items

Participants are given various supports depending on the level of achievement such as the prize money, the support for the production of prototypes, start-up mentoring, investment relations, and overseas training