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Activating Global Start-up

Global young man start-up activation overseas expansion program

Operates a systematic localization program for domestic start-up companies with excellent technological strength. Targets USA (Silicon Valley), China (Shanghai), Vietnam (Hanoi), Cambodia (Phnom Penh), and Denmark (Copenhagen).
Provides the package support for the entire start-up process considering local industrial distribution and characteristics of entrepreneur.
Develops the infrastructure upon which the companies can develop into the world-class start-up companies through special expert lectures, networking, local market survey and marketing support, and provision of incubation space

Global young man start-up activation Foreign technical start-up program

Supports the start-up by foreigners with excellent technology to promote the creation of new added values and new jobs.
Operates start-up training, provides incubation space and mentoring, issues start-up visa, and networking programs to invite excellent overseas talent to Korea. Offers special lectures from experts and supports networking, market survey and marketing, incubation space, and supports start-up commercialization fund considering the prototype and commercialization period.

Support for start-up Exchange among Asia College Students

It is Korea’s one and only international event for start-up items that started from 2002 and is participated by the college students from 8 Asian countries (Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan).
Participants present their start-up items, share global start-up trends and information, and excellent participants are awarded.
Supports Asian college students and Korean college students to form a global network through broad communication covering culture, economy, and society

Support the Participation in MIT-GSW

MIT hosts the international workshop on start-up around the world each year to share entrepreneurship and start-up ideas.
KISED supports college students with strong wish to start a business and enter the overseas market to participate in the event to enhance their entrepreneurship and learn about young entrepreneurs around the world.