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Start-up Commercialization

Customized start-up Business

“Customized Start-up Business” offers start-up support programs in 6 areas based on the characteristics of (prospective) entrepreneurs and organizers to help entrepreneurs to directly choose the start-up support programs, and chooses an excellent entrepreneur through an evaluation system in connection with start-up mentoring before choosing the program to support the start-up fund.

  • Programs customized to start-up organization: Support (prospective) entrepreneurs by providing the infrastructure (manpower, space, etc.) and start-up support program of managing organization such as college, research institute, investment agency, etc.
  • Start-up program for researchers: Discover prospective entrepreneurs with start-up items who were researchers and support their successful start-up activities by providing start-up fund and space support program
  • Programs in connection with other departments: Creative Economy Town (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning), National Happiness Technology, Patent Technology Award (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
  • Programs in connection with other businesses: Supporting (prospective) entrepreneurs through the collaboration between programs such as Senior Start-up School, Start-up Academy, Start-up League, Revitalization Center for Strained Entrepreneur, etc.
  • Follow-up Support Program for Excellent Entrepreneurs: Select excellent start-up companies among those that completed the Ministry of SMEs and Startups Start-up Support Programs and provide them with additional marketing, fund, and service support
  • High-Tech Manpower Start-up Support Program: Private investors such as VC with investment and incubation infrastructure are directly selecting

Start-up support business connected with leading venture companies

Consult with leading venture companies to transfer experience about success and knowhow to (prospective) entrepreneur and support systematic start-up preparation by providing the space to prepare for start-up and the start-up fund (maximum 90 million won)

Start-up Agency

Start-up Agency(large enterprise, leading venture company) promotes entrepreneurs to be an outstanding startups by providing private and governmental investment and R&D