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Expanding Start-up Infrastructure

Leading Universities for start-up Business

Accredit 21 universities with the infrastructure and capabilities to support start-up around the country as ‘Leading Universities for start-up Business’ to form a Start-up Cluster in each zone in order to support new entrepreneurs and propagate the mood for start-up

  • [Discover and Foster New Entrepreneurs]
    • Provide start-up fund through ‘Commercialization of Start-up Items’
      ✽600 or more people applied in 2014 (Maximum 70 million won, 45 million won in average)
    • Provide an academy-like start-up mentoring and entrepreneur exclusive training
    • Hold IR for start-ups, support entry into the global market, etc.
  • [Operate as the Region’s Hub for Start-up]
    • Hold “Young Entrepreneurs Festival Tour” and operate Start-up Fun Space (networking space)
    • Hold regional competitive exhibition for start-up, support connections to Biz-Cool (start-up activities of the adolescents)
  • [Expand Base for Start-up]
    • Hold start-up training for college students and the general public
    • Provide start-up scholarship and discover start-up club to support start-up by students

Leading Universities for start-up Business

  • General Type (10)
    • Konkuk University, Kyonggi University, Dankook University, Soonchunhyang University, Wonkwang University, Yeungnam University college, Chosun University, Jeju National University, Chungbuk National University, Korea Polytechnic University
  • Officer Training School Type (11)
    • Kangwon National University, Kyungil University, Keimyung University, Dong-A University, Yonsei University, Induk University, University of Incheon, Jeonju University, Hoseo University, Hannam University