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Start-up Education

Youth Bizcool

Select Biz-Cool school to support theoretical and experiential activities and education as well as start-up club activities depending on the target (elementary / middle / high schools) and hold Biz-Cool Camp composed of start-up training programs depending on the level of the target in order to foster the young entrepreneurship and start-up training. Also, hold Biz-Cool Festival each year to discover and share students’ creative idea and excellent products.

Start-up Academy

Support college students with start-up lectures and start-up clubs, and support the general public and prospective entrepreneurs with realistic start-up training, and mentoring and networking with successful CEOs

Start-up Academy
Division Contentsion
Start-up Academy College Student Start-up Academy College Start-up Lecture Intensify organic connection between Realistic start-up training, start-up challenge, and realistic start-up Operate realistic start-up lectures and Field practices in the form of credit exchange and so forth based on the agreement between colleges
Foster Young Dream CEOs (Start-up Club)
Joint Start-up College
General Start-up Academy Offer Realistic Start-up Lecture Provides the general public and Prospective entrepreneurs with customized start-up training to discover and foster competitive entrepreneurs

Senior Start-up support Business

Provides senior (prospective) entrepreneurs with start-up training and the space to prepare for start up for them to start up successfully using their experience, network, and expertise

  • Senior Start-up School Program that provides career education for senior prep entrepreneurs who hope to start-up business
  • Senior Start-up Center Support center that provides start-up space and start-up support program (Education, Consulting, Networking)