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Operating Goals

Activate Start-up and Create Jobs to Realize Creative Economy
Will of
Field-Oriented Customized Start-up Support
Realize Customized Start-up 3.0 Suitable
for the Characteristics of Individual Entrepreneurs
Performance Goal
  • Expand Base for Start-up and Create Convenient Start-up Environment
  • Foster Prepared Entrepreneurs through Customized Start-up Support and Create Jobs
Strategic Tasks
  • Entrepreneurship Start-up Education
  • Development and Expansion of Start-up Infrastructure
  • Development of Start-up Mood
  • Support for Start-ups Customized to Demanders
  • Foster Knowledge Service Companies
  • Provide Mentoring-Based Connection and Support System
Core Values
  • S Specialty
  • T Technology
  • A Acceleration
  • R Relationship
  • T Transparency